Treviso is located 40 minutes distance from Venice. It has a population over 80,000 and has been attracted by the tourists. It has beautiful array of canals along with historic gates and walls.

Treviso has Celtic origins and it was thought that the Celts settled here originally. In 89 BC however the settlement was turned into a Roman Commune and developed into an important city. Throughout the Middle Ages, Treviso was part of the Lombard League and was involved in various sieges and conflicts.

Treviso is the hometown of the original Presecco wine. Also some historians state the Italian dessert Tiramisu’s birthplace is here.

Useful Information:

Money: Italy’s currency is EURO
For more information on the level of exchange rates, please consult the page of www.bancaditalia.it/

Transportation: Bus and train to Treviso, Mestre and Venice

To your right at 50 metres from the terminal you will find the bus stop ‘Aeroporto Canova’. You can get on bus line 6 to the train station (Stazione Fs De Gasperi) and centre (Duomo) of Treviso. At Treviso Centrale railway station, 1 kilometre south of the city centre, you can transfer to the regional train to Venezia Mestre Station (30 minutes) and Venezia Santa Lucia Station (35 minutes). Treviso has many good restaurants, including Le Beccherie where the Italian dessert Tiramisu is invented.

Bus and train tickets
The price for a train ticket is € 3.45. A ticket for bus line 6 costs € 1.30 if bought in advance and € 2.50 on the bus. Hand baggage may be taken free of charge, for large luggage pieces you must purchase an additional ticket. Tickets for MOM Mobilità di Marca buses are valid for 75 minutes. Please consult website and timetable bus line 6 for more information.

Weather: 6th of October weather is; 21° /13°, 7th of October weather is; 20° /13°, 8th of October 20° /12°


Treviso Airport is only 5 kilometres / 3.1 miles away from Treviso, the journey time by car is 12 minutes. If you are driving via the A27 motorway, the journey time is 28 minutes to Mestre (30 km / 18.6 miles) and 35 minutes to Venice (40 km / 24.9 miles). Mestre is on the mainland and belongs to the municipality of Venice, it is a less expensive alternative to Venice.