What you should see in Treviso

  1. Treviso Cathedral

The cathedral is located in the northern part of the historic town centre. Treviso Cathedral has five huge green domes. There is an original crypt from 11th century under the church.

  1. Museo Diocesano

Museo Diocesano is located next to Treviso Cathedral. First floor of the museum has archaeological items from the region. There are collections of marble statues. On the second floor there are religious artwork from 13th century artists such as Batoni and Rocco Marconi.

  1. Ancient City Walls and Gates

Ancient city and the  modern city is seperated from each other in Treviso. Walls have been built in 15th century. There is River Sile and canals that cover the ancient city. The architectural beauty of Porta San Tomaso and Porta Santi Quaranta are worth seeing.

  1. Chiesa di San Nicolo

The Church of San Nicolo is one of the most important church in ancienty city of Treviso. The church was built by Dominican Friars in 13th century. .

  1. Canals of Treviso

Although Treviso is often overshadowed by the undeniably beautiful Venice, but it has a range of man-made canals that wind through the historic city centre.

Ancienty city of Treviso has various numbers of canals made by humans. It has been used for transportation. Canals connect bridges and open for discovering the hidden waterways.

  1. Piazza dei Signori

The Piazza dei Signori is one of the main squares in the old town of Treviso. There is also a bell tower in the square.

  1. Chiesa di San Francesco

Church of San Francesco is one of the most largest churhes in Treviso. It was built  in 13th century. The architectural design of the church has Romanesque vibes. It was restored after 1928. Before, it had been used as military barracks.

  1. Museo Bailo

The Luigi Bailo Civic Museum is named after Luigi Bailo who was the first director of the Treviso Civic Museum. The art items of the museum contains impressionists works.